I feel like a fraud…

I don’t know why I create a blog knowing that eventually, I’ll lose interest and leave the blog to either die a horrible death and never get updated OR delete it because I feel like a complete fraud, which is how I feel right now.

I had every intention of keeping this blog updated, but that was back when I felt there was something to say, back when I felt like it was important to have an individual voice on security and online safety. But I’ve felt a little disappointed in myself for not giving this blog the time it deserves.

I guess it all came down to not getting that job I wanted last month and things kind of went into a meltdown situation after that. I guess it took the wind out of my sails more than I realised.

I feel like I’m weak for doing this but I don’t want to lie to myself about keeping this blog updated. I won’t delete it, but I feel like I need to put my energy into the space that needs it most and that’s into my short story writing.

So I may return but I completely understand if you decide to unfollow me.

Instagram has a security flaw in its “Download Data” feature

This was big news for me personally because I use Instagram. Luckily, I have never used the download data feature that was recently featured in security news articles all over the internet.

If you’ve used this feature within your IG account, you should probably be changing your password because your current password was leaked in plaintext as a result of the security bug. Look at this as a way to update and upgrade your password and maybe stick 2-factor authentication on your IG account while you’re at it 🙂

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I’m thinking about buying a Yubikey – Part 1

I first heard about the Yubikey some time ago and never really seriously considered using one until now. The Yubikey adds another level of security to secure your online identity from theft and abuse. I consider buying a Yubikey as the next step in properly confirming myself as a serious, safe and secure Digital Citizen. Continue reading “I’m thinking about buying a Yubikey – Part 1”