Are you using Anti-Virus software?

There is really only two important things you need to know about anti-virus software-

1. Use it – ALWAYS and on every device, you have connected to the internet

2. Update it – EVERY TIME because anti-virus software is useless unless it’s kept current and up to date

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HTTPS does NOT mean “safe and secure”

This may seem like a really silly thing to ask but do you know the difference between HTTP:// and HTTPS://? If you didn’t know there was a difference, this post is definitely for you – if you did, that’s great! It means you’re one step closer to being safer when you browse the internet – well, kind of.

The ‘S’ stands for SECURE, but is it really?

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The word “Hacker” and what it means to me

I see this word used a lot in media today – “Hacker” and it almost always comes with a bad connotation. I don’t think this is fair nor correct. It is not correct to assume that all people on planet Earth with the knowledge and skill to be a “Hacker” has malicious intent. That’s kinda like saying all people living in Compton are gangsters. It’s simply not true. And I kind of feel a little bad for those people out there who are trying to combat this ill-informed view and prove that hackers can be everyday people, from all walks of life, all ages and good and bad, just like people are both. Some people live a life of criminal intent and some do not.

Hacker is such a scary word, right?

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